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Photoshoot Space: Photo Room

Photo Studio: Inkphotostudio

Location: Puuvilla 19c, Tallinn, Estonia

Discover a versatile photoshoot space in Tallinn featuring unique and stylish locations to bring your creative ideas to life. Perfect for various themes and settings.

Photo Studio Facilities


In this studio you will find many interesting and unusual locations to bring your ideas to life.

Welcome to our Photo Room, an exceptional photoshoot space for rent in the heart of Tallinn. This studio offers an array of distinctive and stylish locations perfect for any creative project. Whether you’re planning a fashion shoot, portrait session, or a themed photoshoot, our versatile space can accommodate your needs.

Our photo studio features impressive facilities to enhance your photoshoot experience. The large windows provide ample natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. The textured walls and unique elements like the armchair, sofa, and fireplace add character and depth to your images. The studio’s color spectrum ranges from absolute black and white to neutral tones, allowing you to achieve the perfect backdrop for your shoot.

Located at Puuvilla 19c, Tallinn, Estonia, our studio, Inkphotostudio, is easily accessible and offers a comfortable environment for photographers and models alike. The Christmas interior setup adds a festive touch, making it ideal for seasonal shoots and holiday-themed projects. Book your session today and bring your creative vision to life in our Photo Room.

Big windows
Textured walls

Absolute black
Absolutely white

Christmas interior

Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€35,00/hour