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Photoshoot Space: Photo Outside

Photo Studio: Artmakers

Location: 6 Chabua Amirejibi Highway, Tbilisi, Georgia

Discover a versatile photoshoot space in Tbilisi, perfect for both in-studio and on-site photo sessions. Ideal for all your photography needs.

Photo Studio Facilities


In this studio, you can order not only an in-studio photo session but also an on-site photo session.

Located in the vibrant city of Tbilisi, this photoshoot space for rent offers a unique blend of indoor and outdoor photography possibilities. The studio is equipped with neutral-colored furniture such as an armchair and a sofa, providing a comfortable environment for various types of photoshoots, including newborn photography.

The photo studio is part of Artmakers, situated at 6 Chabua Amirejibi Highway. Whether you are looking to capture professional portraits, family moments, or creative projects, this photo studio in Tbilisi is an excellent choice. The neutral color spectrum of the space ensures that your photos will have a timeless and elegant appeal.

With the flexibility of both in-studio and on-site sessions, photographers can explore different settings and styles, making it a versatile option for any creative endeavor. If you’re in Tbilisi and looking for a reliable photoshoot space, this studio offers the perfect backdrop for your next project.



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Photoshoot space rent price€30,00/hour


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