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Photoshoot Space: HONEY

Photo Studio: Bestmemories

Location: 119 Mira Avenue, Building 186, Moscow, Russia

Discover an exquisite photoshoot space in Moscow featuring a unique black matte cyclorama, black walls, and a ceiling, along with a fillable bathtub and a four-poster bed.

Photo Studio Facilities


– Black matte cyclorama 4×5 meters;
– 3 different photo zones;
– 8 windows;
– Sunny side;
– Fillable bathtub with legs;
– Boudoir;
– Four-poster bed;
– Black wall with fireplace and gold candlesticks. Black ceiling.

Welcome to HONEY, a stunning photoshoot space for rent located in Moscow. This spacious 80 m² area boasts a remarkable black matte cyclorama perfect for diverse photo shoots. With three distinct photo zones, the space offers versatility and creativity for your projects. Enjoy the natural light streaming through eight large windows on the sunny side, enhancing the ambiance of your photography sessions. The room features a fillable bathtub with elegant legs, a charming boudoir, and a luxurious four-poster bed, adding unique elements to your shoots. The black wall with a fireplace and gold candlesticks, coupled with the black ceiling, creates a sophisticated and dramatic backdrop for any photoshoot.

Situated within the BestMemories photo studio, HONEY offers a blend of modern and classic aesthetics, making it a top choice for photographers in Moscow. The studio provides various facilities, including a comfortable armchair, a cozy bed, a sofa, and a fireplace, ensuring a delightful experience for all your photoshoot needs. Whether you’re looking to capture intimate portraits, fashion editorials, or creative concepts, this photoshoot space in Moscow promises to deliver stunning results.

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Photoshoot space rent price€22,00/hour
Weekends and holidays€28,00/hour


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