from €17,00/hour

Photoshoot Space: HELLO

Photo Studio: Bestmemories

Location: 119 Mira Avenue, Building 186, Moscow, Russia

Spacious photoshoot space in Moscow with three unique photo zones: 'Estate', 'Asylum', and 'Neon Container'. Ideal for diverse creative shoots.

Photo Studio Facilities


– Large hall, 70m2;
– Two floors (1st floor 25m2: 2nd floor 45m2);
– 3 different photo zones: “Estate”, “Asylum”, “Neon Container”;
– Blackout.

Welcome to our expansive photoshoot space located in Moscow. With a total area of 170 m², this versatile venue offers ample room for a variety of creative shoots. The space is divided into two floors, with the first floor covering 25m² and the second floor 45m², providing flexibility for different setups. Our photoshoot space is designed to cater to diverse themes with three distinct photo zones: the elegant ‘Estate’, the intriguing ‘Asylum’, and the vibrant ‘Neon Container’. Each zone is meticulously crafted to offer unique backdrops, enhancing the creativity of your projects. The venue is equipped with large windows allowing natural light to flood in or can be completely blacked out for controlled lighting conditions. Additionally, the space includes comfortable facilities such as a bed and a sofa, ensuring a relaxed and productive environment. Located within the reputable BestMemories photo studio, this photoshoot space for rent is perfect for photographers and creators looking for a premium photo studio in Moscow.

Big windows

Locations of different colors

Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€17,00/hour
Weekends and holidays€23,00/hour


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