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Photoshoot Space: HALL NO. 1

Photo Studio: Iq Studio

Location: 16 Akaki Baqradze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

Discover Room #1 Square, a 120 m² photoshoot space in Tbilisi featuring the largest cyclorama, perfect for commercials, master classes, and private shoots.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

About the hall Area: 120 м²
The largest space of our studio, where the largest cyclorama in Tbilisi and 2 zones with white and black furniture are located. Allows you to shoot several projects at the same time. It is well suited for large-scale ideas, shooting commercials. Also in the studio it is possible to plan master classes, lectures, private shootings. Dressing room

When renting the studio you can use one of the make-up rooms free of charge.

Equipment in hall №1
1. studio illuminator GreanBean Fresnel 200LED (2 pcs).
2. X3 Bi-color DMX (1 pc.)
3. Profoto D2 1000 monoblock (3 pcs.)
4. Stripbox (2 pcs.)
5. Octabox (1 pc.) ) )
6. Gabo mask (1 pc.)
7. Color filters

Room #1 Square is a versatile photoshoot space for rent in Tbilisi, ideal for capturing creative projects with its expansive 120 m² area. The space boasts the largest cyclorama in the city, making it perfect for both amateur and professional photographers. The hall’s design includes two distinct zones featuring white and black furniture, enabling multiple shooting setups simultaneously. The studio is equipped with essential lighting gear such as GreanBean Fresnel 200LEDs, X3 Bi-color DMX, and Profoto D2 1000 monoblocks, ensuring excellent lighting conditions for all your shoots.

Our photo studio in Tbilisi, IQ Studio, is located at 16 Akaki Baqradze Street, offering a modern and minimalist ambiance. The space can accommodate up to 20 visitors, making it suitable for large-scale projects, commercials, master classes, and private photoshoots. The studio facilities include air conditioning, big windows, a chroma key, cyclorama, textured walls, and various fabric backgrounds. Additionally, the studio features a comfortable dressing room and a make-up room available free of charge with your booking.

The studio’s interior design, characterized by abstract and minimalist styles, provides a perfect backdrop for a variety of photography themes. Whether you’re planning a newborn photography session, pet photoshoot, or setting up a light outside the window for video purposes, Room #1 Square offers the ideal environment to bring your vision to life.

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Air Conditioning
Big windows
Chroma Key
Fabric backgrounds
Textured walls
Wooden wall

Absolute black
Absolutely white


Conditions for newborn photography
Photographing with animals
Setting the light outside the window (for video)

Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€30,00/hour


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