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Photoshoot Space: Hall Delta

Photo Studio: Gamma

Location: 117 Makataeva Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan 050000

Hall Delta in Almaty offers flexible photoshoot spaces with themed zones, natural daylight, and optional continuous light sources. Ideal for various creative concepts.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

The hall covers an area of 48 square meters and features natural daylight along with two pulse light sources. Additionally, it offers the option to separately rent up to 5 continuous light sources (RGB, bicolor), providing illumination of up to 45,000 lux.

Within the hall, there are distinct zones designed to accommodate various themes and creative concepts:

  • A white zone with decorative finishes and a vertical garden (phytowall);
  • A red zone adorned with mirrored spheres, red sequins, and decorative elements;
  • A blue zone featuring a classic interior design, large floor clocks, a fireplace, and armchair furnishings.

Hall Delta is an exceptional photoshoot space for rent in Almaty, perfect for photographers seeking versatility and creativity. This 48 m² area, located in the renowned Gamma photo studio, boasts multiple themed zones to suit various artistic visions. The blue zone, with its classic interior design, large floor clocks, a fireplace, and armchair furnishings, offers a timeless and elegant backdrop, as depicted in the images. This space is ideal for capturing sophisticated and cozy scenes, providing a unique setting for every photoshoot.

Gamma photo studio, situated at 117 Makataeva Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan, is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and professional environment, making it a top choice for photographers in the city. The studio’s convenient location and impressive amenities, including natural daylight and a variety of lighting options, ensure that every photoshoot is a success. With a maximum capacity of 10 visitors, Hall Delta at Gamma photo studio is the perfect space for both small and medium-sized projects, offering a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere for all your creative needs.

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