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Photoshoot Space: Hall Alpha

Photo Studio: Gamma

Location: 117 Makataeva Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan 050000

Discover a versatile photoshoot space in Almaty designed with distinct zones to suit various themes and creative needs. Perfect for all types of shoots.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

Alpha Hall offers a versatile space spanning 60 square meters, equipped with two pulse light sources. Additionally, up to 5 continuous light sources (RGB, bicolor) are available for separate rental, providing illumination of up to 45,000 lux.

The hall features distinct zones designed to suit various themes and creative needs. These include:

1. A zone with decorative lighting and a fireplace.
2. A zone in Romanesque style with columns, windows, and accent lighting.
3. A zone with botanical decor and art lighting.

With its diverse settings and flexible lighting options, Alpha Hall provides an ideal environment for a wide range of photography and videography projects.

Alpha Hall, located in the renowned Gamma Studio, is the ideal photoshoot space for rent in Almaty. This 60 m² room is designed to accommodate up to 20 visitors, making it perfect for both intimate and large-scale projects. The space boasts designer interiors, textured walls, and a variety of themed zones, ensuring a unique backdrop for every shoot. Equipped with comfortable armchairs, elegant sofas, and a cozy fireplace, it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The Gamma Studio, situated at 117 Makataeva Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan, offers modern amenities including WiFi, ensuring a smooth and productive session. Whether you’re looking for a romantic setting or an imitation apartment scene, Alpha Hall caters to all your creative needs. Its flexible lighting options, ranging from pulse lights to continuous RGB and bicolor lights, provide up to 45,000 lux of illumination, ensuring perfect lighting conditions for any shoot.

Choose Alpha Hall for your next photography or videography project and experience the best photo studio in Almaty.

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Textured walls

Locations of different colors

Imitation apartment

Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€29,00/hour