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Photoshoot Space: Hall 250

Photo Studio: Imagine Studios

Location: 62 Abylai Khan Avenue, Almaty, 050000, Kazakhstan

Discover Hall 250, a spacious 250-square-meter photoshoot space in Almaty, ideal for creative projects with excellent lighting and professional equipment.

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This 250-square-meter hall is an ideal setting for creative projects, featuring a 9-meter cyclorama and a frost frame. Positioned on the north side, the hall benefits from even, consistent lighting, enhanced by panoramic windows and a lofty 6-meter ceiling.

The space is outfitted with essential professional equipment, including three Profoto monolights, one boom arm, two stands, various attachments, flags, reflectors, and a Litemons 200W continuous light source. This comprehensive setup ensures you have everything you need for a successful shoot or event.

Located within the renowned IMAGINE studios, Hall 250 is designed with a minimalist interior and a light, neutral color spectrum, making it a versatile photoshoot space for rent. The studio’s large windows flood the area with natural light, while the high ceilings add an airy feel. With a maximum capacity of 25 visitors, it’s perfect for both small and large shoots.

IMAGINE studios, situated at 62 Abylai Khan Avenue in Almaty, Kazakhstan, provides a professional and inspiring environment for photographers and creatives. The studio’s amenities include comfortable seating options like armchairs and a sofa, enhancing the convenience and comfort during shoots. Whether you are conducting a fashion shoot, product photography, or a creative project, this photo studio in Almaty offers an ideal setting.

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