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Photoshoot Space: Greenscreen

Photo Studio: Studio Chérie

Location: Studio Chérie - Rent Studio Berlin, Photo Studio & Production, Hobrechtstraße, Berlin, Germany

Versatile photoshoot space featuring chroma green or blue backgrounds in Berlin. Ideal for diverse photography needs. Book this adaptable space today.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

This versatile set can be easily installed in any studio, featuring dimensions of H:3.2m x W:5m x D:6m, offering a choice between chroma green or chroma blue backgrounds, along with convenient sliding ceiling beams.

Located in the heart of Berlin, this adaptable photoshoot space at Studio Chérie is perfect for various types of projects. Whether you’re shooting a music video, commercial, or a creative photoshoot, the chroma key backgrounds provide endless possibilities for digital effects. The studio comes equipped with fabric backgrounds and textured walls to enhance your creative vision. High-speed Wi-Fi ensures seamless connectivity throughout your session.

Studio Chérie offers a comfortable and professional photo studio in Berlin, making it an excellent choice for photographers and filmmakers. The space is well-suited for newborn photography and projects involving animals, ensuring safety and comfort for all participants. The room’s height of 3 meters allows for extensive lighting setups and creative angles.

Chroma Key
Fabric backgrounds
Textured walls

Locations of different colors

Without interiors

Conditions for newborn photography
Photographing with animals

Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€50,00/hour