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Photoshoot Space: French Chic White Room

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Discover our elegant French Chic White Room, a perfect photoshoot space in [City] for stunning bridal boudoir sessions. Book this beautiful space today!

Our airy and bright chic room is a gorgeous setting for the more playful shots within our boudoir photoshoots. Bright roof height windows with shutters and drapes, chaise lounges, dressing tables, white cotton sheets and floral mirror all go towards creating crisp bright photographs that look stunning in colour and black and white.



Welcome to our French Chic White Room, a premier photoshoot space for rent in [City]. This exquisite room is designed to capture the essence of elegance and sophistication, making it ideal for bridal boudoir photoshoots. Spanning 14 m² with 3-meter high walls, it offers ample space for creativity and comfort. The room features air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable environment for your session. The large windows flood the space with natural light, enhancing every shot. The interiors are a blend of minimalistic and boudoir styles, featuring a plush bed, chaise lounges, and beautifully crafted dressing tables. With broadband internet available, you can easily stream your sessions live. This chic setting is perfect for creating timeless and captivating photographs. Whether you are a professional photographer or a bride-to-be, our French Chic White Room in [City] is the ultimate choice for your next photoshoot.

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Air Conditioning
Big windows
Broadband internet for streaming

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