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Photoshoot Space: DARK

Photo Studio: Maneken Studio

Location: 31 Lunacharskogo St, Yekaterinburg

Discover our 90 m² DARK photoshoot space in Yekaterinburg, featuring west-facing windows, textured walls, and stylish furniture. Ideal for capturing stunning shots.

Photo Studio Facilities


The windows face west. Sunlight from 12:00. Direct sunlight from 14:00 until sunset (in good sunny weather).

The studio has clean floors and you can walk barefoot, in socks, or our slippers, but it’s better to take replacement shoes!

Alcohol is allowed, but in small quantities!

It is better to check in advance regarding furniture, dishes and props.

Our 90 m² DARK photoshoot space is perfect for various photography projects. The room features a height of 4 meters, allowing for ample creativity with lighting and angles. The space is equipped with large windows that bathe the room in natural light from noon onwards, peaking with direct sunlight from 14:00 until sunset, ideal for capturing stunning golden hour shots.

The studio is furnished with a stylish armchair, a comfortable sofa, and textured walls that add depth and character to your photos. The dark color spectrum of the room creates a dramatic and moody atmosphere, perfect for artistic and professional shoots alike. For your convenience, the space accommodates up to 8 visitors, making it suitable for group sessions or collaborative projects.

Located in the renowned Maneken Studio in Yekaterinburg, this photoshoot space for rent offers a clean and welcoming environment. The studio ensures hygiene with clean floors, allowing you to walk barefoot, in socks, or in provided slippers. Remember to bring replacement shoes for the best experience. While small quantities of alcohol are permitted, it’s advisable to check in advance regarding the availability of furniture, dishes, and props to enhance your shoot.

Book your session today and experience the unique ambiance and professional facilities of the DARK photoshoot space at Maneken Studio.

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Big windows
Textured walls



Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€15,00/hour
Weekends and holidays€18,00/hour


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