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Photoshoot Space: Dark Hall

Photo Studio: Gorizont

Location: 111 Rozybakiev Street, Bostandyk District, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Dark Hall Studio in Almaty offers a versatile photoshoot space with a dressing room and restroom. Perfect for various photography needs.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

Dark Hall Studio offers versatile space for creative endeavors. With hourly rates of 8,000 tenge on weekends and 7,000 tenge on weekdays, accommodating up to 10 individuals, it boasts a separate dressing area with a steamer and restroom facilities. The hall encompasses three distinct rooms: a kitchen with two photo spots, a fairytale-themed area with three photo locations, and a dark zone featuring three photo zones. Spanning 65 square meters, it caters to various photography needs seamlessly.

Located in the heart of Almaty, Dark Hall Studio provides a unique photoshoot space for rent. The studio’s kitchen area offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere, ideal for lifestyle and culinary shoots. The fairytale-themed area brings whimsical and enchanting elements, perfect for creative and fantasy photography. The dark zone, with its textured walls and dramatic lighting, is tailored for moody and artistic shoots.

This photo studio in Almaty is equipped with a variety of props and backdrops to suit different themes and styles. The spacious layout allows photographers to move and set up easily, ensuring a smooth and productive session. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, Dark Hall Studio is an excellent choice for your next photoshoot.

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Big windows
Textured walls
Wooden wall

Locations of different colors

Imitation apartment
Imitation kitchen

Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€14,00/hour


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