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Photoshoot Space: Cyclorama Room

Photo Studio: Polar Photo Studio

Location: C/ de Pau Claris, 173, 1r 1a, 08037 Barcelona, Spain

Discover our well-equipped cyclorama photoshoot space in Barcelona, perfect for corporate, product, and ecommerce photography.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

The cyclorama room is ideal for making photo books, corporate photographs, product photographs and ecommerce.

The cyclorama is built, it is completely white and has a separate area with a dressing table for makeup, changing table, props and furniture.

Located in the heart of Barcelona, our cyclorama photoshoot space offers a pristine, all-white environment perfect for a wide variety of photography needs. With dimensions of 3.70 meters wide, 3 meters deep, and 3 meters high, the cyclorama provides ample space for creative freedom. The room covers a total area of 11 square meters and can comfortably accommodate up to 5 visitors at a time.

The space is designed to support a wide range of photoshoots, from professional headshots and corporate imagery to detailed product shots and ecommerce photography. The included ProFoto lighting ensures your shots are perfectly illuminated, providing a consistent and high-quality lighting setup.

Polar Photo Studio, where this space is housed, is known for its minimalist and clutter-free interiors, creating a focused and distraction-free environment. The studio’s central location makes it easily accessible, and its professional setting is ideal for both amateur and seasoned photographers looking for a photoshoot space for rent in Barcelona.

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