from €15,00/hour

Photoshoot Space: ColorRoom

Photo Studio: Fabrik Studio

Location: 3 Romana Dashkevycha Street, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

Discover ColoRoom, a versatile photoshoot space in Lviv designed to inspire creativity with its stylish decor, panoramic windows, and various backgrounds.

ColoRoom is a place where you can feel free to live out your fantasies and even exceed your own expectations. A cozy and stylish space designed to inspire, create and develop your ideas.
An area of ​​45 m2, with two panoramic windows and a wall of gray blocks, the Coloroom hall attracts with its simplicity and laconicism.

The following backgrounds are located in the ColoRoom hall:

– black
– white
– yellow
– grey

The hall rental price includes:
– 3 pulsed light sources

It could be:
– 3 pulses
– 2 pulses + constant
– 1 impulse + 2 constant We can provide constant light ONLY by prior reservation!
– 2 backgrounds (change or promotion of the background is possible only by the administrator) – Optional light-shaping attachments

ColoRoom, a premium photoshoot space for rent in Lviv, is a haven for photographers and creatives. With its spacious 45 m² area, this photo studio in Lviv offers a unique blend of modern design and functional amenities. The room features large panoramic windows that flood the space with natural light, creating the perfect setting for a variety of photoshoots. The textured gray block wall adds a touch of industrial chic, while the included black, white, yellow, and grey fabric backgrounds provide versatile options for different shoot styles.

Located within FABRIK STUDIO, ColoRoom ensures you have everything you need for a successful session. The rental includes three pulsed light sources, which can be configured in multiple ways to suit your lighting needs. Whether you require constant light or a mix of pulsed and constant lighting, the studio can accommodate your requirements with prior reservation. Additionally, the space is equipped with comfortable armchairs and stylish decor, making it an ideal backdrop for both professional and personal projects.

FABRIK STUDIO, situated on Romana Dashkevycha Street in Lviv, is known for its top-notch facilities and dedication to providing a creative environment. The studio’s prime location and professional setup make ColoRoom an excellent choice for your next photoshoot.

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Big windows
Fabric backgrounds
Textured walls

Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€15,00/hour


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