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Photoshoot Space: BLACK LUX

Photo Studio: Colibri Studio

Location: Uus-Tatari 64, 10134 Tallinn, Estonia

Discover the luxurious BLACK LUX photoshoot space in Tallinn. Perfect for boudoir, fashion, and dark aesthetic photography with its modern dark interior.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

There are 6 zones in the room: 4 different wall textures, fireplace area and black stair podium. Perfection in every detail! The room is completely black with modern dark interior design. This room is good for boudoir, fashion, lingerie photoshoots or dark aesthetic photography.

As we mentioned before, the are 4 different walls: concrete wall, stone wall with a marble pattern, molding wall (or Boiserie Ampir style) and Venetian decorative plaster wall. Sounds great, right?

BLACK LUX is a premier photoshoot space for rent located in Tallinn, offering 72 m² of meticulously designed interiors. The room’s wall height of 5 meters adds a grand feel, while the large windows ensure ample natural light. The space is equipped with essential amenities like a bed, textured walls, and Wifi, making it versatile for various photography styles. The absolute black color spectrum and romantic bedroom/boudoir settings add to the allure, making it an ideal choice for capturing stunning visuals. Situated in Colibri Studio, known for its professional environment, this photoshoot space in Tallinn is a top pick for photographers seeking an elegant and sophisticated backdrop.

Big windows
Textured walls

Absolute black



Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€35,00/hour


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