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Photoshoot Space: Beta Children’s Room

Photo Studio: Gamma

Location: 117 Makataeva Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan 050000

A cozy photoshoot space in Almaty, perfect for capturing delightful children's moments. This room ensures a warm and inviting atmosphere for your little ones.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

The hall spans 28 square meters and is equipped with natural daylight along with two pulse light sources. Additionally, it offers the option to separately rent up to 5 continuous light sources (RGB, bicolor), providing illumination of up to 45,000 lux.

Welcome to Beta Children’s Room, a charming photoshoot space for rent located within the renowned Gamma photo studio in Almaty. Spanning 28 square meters, this cozy room is designed to create a delightful atmosphere perfect for children’s photography. With natural daylight flooding the room and two pulse light sources provided, your photos will have a natural and bright feel. For added flexibility, you can also rent up to 5 continuous light sources, ensuring your shots are perfectly lit regardless of the time of day.

The Beta Children’s Room is thoughtfully furnished with a comfortable armchair and offers Wifi connectivity, making it a convenient and enjoyable space for both photographers and families. The room’s interior embraces a minimalist design with a touch of Christmas spirit, featuring festive decorations and a beautifully adorned tree. The neutral and light color spectrum of the room ensures that your photos will have a clean and timeless appeal.

Located at 117 Makataeva Street, Almaty, Gamma photo studio is easily accessible and provides a professional setting for all your photoshoot needs. With a maximum capacity of 10 visitors, Beta Children’s Room is ideal for small family gatherings, holiday portraits, and capturing the precious moments of your little ones in a warm and inviting environment.

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