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Photoshoot Space: Art-Deco

Photo Studio: Tulbi Photo Studio

Location: Tulbi Photo Studio, Pärnu maantee, Tallinn, Estonia

Step into a dynamic photoshoot space in Tallinn with vibrant aesthetics, featuring elegant gypsum wall trim and a tall window for natural light.

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Immerse yourself in our studio’s vibrant ambiance featuring elegant gypsum wall trim, a tall window for abundant natural light, and cozy elements like a soft-colored fireplace corner and exposed brick wall. Enjoy a Scandinavian-inspired space with light-colored walls and a wooden floor designed for comfortable work. Capture unique shots against an abstract art-adorned wall. Situated on a podium with high steps, this dynamic space guarantees a visual feast. Please note, clear sound recording isn’t guaranteed, allowing you to focus on visual creativity. Your unique story begins here.

The Art-Deco photoshoot space in Tallinn is a perfect blend of elegance and modernity. The room, adorned with bright colors and light interiors, is designed to inspire creativity. The large windows flood the area with natural light, making it ideal for capturing stunning photographs. The soft, cozy fireplace corner and the exposed brick wall add a touch of warmth and character. The space also includes a comfortable armchair, a bed, a sofa, and textured walls, all contributing to a versatile shooting environment. The Scandinavian-inspired decor, with light-colored walls and wooden flooring, ensures a serene and comfortable working atmosphere. Additionally, the abstract art-adorned wall offers a unique backdrop for your shots. This photoshoot space for rent is situated in the renowned Tulbi Photo Studio, known for its top-notch facilities and professional environment. Whether you’re shooting a romantic bedroom scene or a minimalist setup, this photo studio in Tallinn provides the perfect setting for your creative projects.

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Big windows
Brick wall
Textured walls

Bright colors


Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€40,00/hour


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