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Photoshoot Space: Aqua

Photo Studio: Fabrik Studio

Location: 3 Romana Dashkevycha Street, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

Discover Aqua, a unique photoshoot space in Lviv featuring a suspended water supply system and a designer bathroom, perfect for creative water-based shoots.

The updated Aqua room is a unique location with a suspended water supply system and a designer bathroom.

In the hall you can create the effect of summer rain or tropical downpour. A place where photographers and videographers can shoot using water in comfortable conditions and with professional lighting.

The water temperature is adjusted according to the client’s wishes – warm or cold.

The total area of ​​the hall is 45m2.

The hall rental price includes:

– 3 pulses,

– 2 pulses + constant,

– 1 pulse + 2 constants. We provide constant light ONLY by prior reservation.

If water is used, constant light is installed outside the hall behind a glass wall. Light-forming attachments (software, reflectors) are available upon request.

The bath filling service is available for bookings of 2 hours or more.

A special feature of the hall is also the possibility of installing a pylon (by prior reservation).

The Aqua room at FABRIK STUDIO is an exceptional photoshoot space for rent in Lviv. The studio is designed to accommodate diverse creative needs with its advanced water system, adjustable temperature settings, and luxurious bathroom setup. The professional lighting options ensure that every shot is perfectly illuminated. This 45m² space is ideal for creating stunning effects such as summer rain or tropical downpour, making it a versatile choice for photographers and videographers. FABRIK STUDIO, located at 3 Romana Dashkevycha Street, provides an unparalleled environment for both amateur and professional shoots, ensuring comfort and convenience for all visitors.

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