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Photoshoot Space: Amore Room

Photo Studio: Amore

Location: 30B Satpaeva Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Explore the versatile Amore Room in Almaty, featuring 6 unique photoshoot spaces within one hall. Perfect for various styles and themes. Book your photoshoot space now!

Photo Studio Facilities


Amore Photo Studio in Almaty boasts 80 square meters of inviting and luminous space, featuring a versatile layout with 6 unique sets all within one hall. Each set offers a distinct ambiance and backdrop for various photography needs:

  • Bright kitchen setup;
  • Cozy bed arrangement;
  • Cyclorama for seamless backgrounds;
  • Portrait area with optimal lighting;
  • Staircase-ramp designed for product shoots;
  • Dramatic dark wall for contrasting visuals;
  • Vibrant neon light installation;
  • Spacious long table setup;
  • Sliding frames with adjustable curtains for flexible compositions.

This diverse range of sets allows photographers to explore different themes and styles seamlessly within the studio’s premises.

Amore Room offers a wide array of facilities, including a comfortable armchair, a cozy bed, large windows for natural light, a cyclorama, and a stylish sofa. The space is designed with light and neutral colors, providing a perfect backdrop for any photoshoot. The interiors mimic a modern apartment and kitchen, creating a homely and inviting atmosphere.

Located in the heart of Almaty, Amore Photo Studio is an ideal choice for photographers seeking a versatile photoshoot space for rent. Whether you’re shooting portraits, product photos, or creative projects, this photo studio in Almaty is equipped to meet all your needs.

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