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Photoshoot Space: 255

Photo Studio: Fabrik Studio

Location: 3 Romana Dashkevycha Street, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

255 is a modern photoshoot space in Lviv with 160 sq. m. of area, ideal for look book, fashion, lifestyle, and family photo shoots.

255 is a new conceptual space with an area of ​​160 sq. m.

“255” has everything you need for look book, fashion, lifestyle, and even family photo shoots.

In addition to panoramic windows, a white wall with 3D panels and its own dressing room, “255” has a professional cyclorama (5*5 meters), without which not a single shoot takes place.

In the hall we work with both daylight and studio light; its arsenal includes soft boxes, sprips, octoboxes, reflectors and beauty dishes.

The hall rental price includes:

– 3 light sources included in the price.

It could be:

– 3 pulses

– 2 pulses + constant

– 1 impulse + 2 constant (We can provide constant light ONLY by prior reservation!)

– 2 backgrounds (change or promotion of the background is possible only by the administrator) – Optional light-shaping attachments

The 255 photoshoot space boasts expansive panoramic windows that flood the room with natural light, enhancing the quality of your photos. The space includes a professional 5×5 meter cyclorama, essential for seamless shooting experiences. The white wall with 3D panels adds a unique texture and background option. The private dressing room ensures comfort and convenience for models and clients.

Located within FABRIK STUDIO, this photoshoot space in Lviv is designed to accommodate various types of shoots, from fashion and look book to lifestyle and family sessions. The studio’s equipment arsenal includes soft boxes, strips, octoboxes, reflectors, and beauty dishes, offering versatile lighting options. The rental package includes three light sources, which can be customized to include pulses and constant lights as per your requirements.

Whether you need a vibrant setting with daylight or a controlled environment with studio lights, 255 provides flexibility and professional-grade tools to meet your needs. The studio’s minimalist design and high ceilings further enhance the creative potential of the space, making it an ideal choice for photographers and creatives in Lviv.

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