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Photoshoot Space: Pergola

Photo Studio: Bestmemories

Location: 119 Mira Avenue, Building 186, Moscow, Russia

Charming photoshoot space in Moscow featuring a wooden deck, large gazebo, white curtains, golden cage, and stylish furniture. Ideal for outdoor shoots.

Photo Studio Facilities


Venue for street photo shoots.
Wooden decking, large gazebo (pergola) with white curtains, golden cage, table with six chairs, two sun loungers, plants and light bulbs!

Discover the Pergola, a picturesque photoshoot space for rent located in the heart of Moscow. This outdoor setting features a beautifully designed wooden deck and an elegant gazebo draped with white curtains, creating a serene and sophisticated ambiance for any photoshoot. The space is adorned with unique elements such as a golden cage, a stylish table with six chairs, two comfortable sun loungers, and lush plants, all illuminated by charming light bulbs. Perfect for capturing stunning images, this photoshoot space offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern elegance.

Located within the BestMemories photo studio, this space ensures a seamless photography experience. The studio provides all the necessary amenities to support your creative vision. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, the Pergola at BestMemories is the ideal setting for your next photoshoot in Moscow.

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Photoshoot space rent price€10,00/hour


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