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Photoshoot Space: SOFT HALL

Photo Studio: Place Photostudio

Location: 271 Akademika Pavlova Street, Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine

Spacious photoshoot space in Kharkiv with natural light, cozy homey interior, and two fabric backdrops. Ideal for various photo sessions.

Spacious room with plenty of natural light, a cozy homey interior and two fabric backdrops.
7 large windows facing east and south.
Direct sunlight fills the room until 15:00, but thanks to the white roller shutters on the windows that diffuse the harsh sunlight, you can get soft light at any time.
In cloudy weather, you also do not experience a lack of natural light, and in the evening you will be helped by a flash or powerful constant light, included in the cost of renting the hall.
The hall has air conditioning and an independent heating system, thanks to which we can maintain a comfortable temperature for shooting!
Regular cleaning helps us keep the room clean at all times, so your white socks will remain just as white after the shoot.
We do not skimp on your comfort!

Our photoshoot space, SOFT HALL, features a charming imitation apartment setting perfect for various photo sessions. With 70 m² of space and 4-meter high walls, it provides ample room for creativity. The room includes a comfortable bed, a stylish sofa, a welcoming fireplace, and large windows, creating a homely yet versatile environment. Located in PLACE PHOTOSTUDIO in Kharkiv, this photoshoot space for rent ensures a convenient and professional experience. The studio’s prime location on Akademika Pavlova Street makes it easily accessible. Whether you need a cozy corner or a bright, airy setting, SOFT HALL is the ideal photo studio in Kharkiv for capturing stunning images.

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Big windows

Imitation apartment

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Photoshoot space rent price€18,00/hour


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