from €15,00/hour

Photoshoot Space: Hall 2

Photo Studio: Emotion

Location: 3a Korolenka Street, Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine

Discover our new stylish photoshoot space in Dnipro! Featuring a designer chair, unique elements, and various textures, it's perfect for your creative projects.

The photo studio is open seven days a week.

Natural light – 6 large windows, sunny side. From the very morning until the end of the day it is very light.

Studio equipment is included in the rental price:

Air conditioning, steamer, heater, wi-fi, portable speaker, rail on wheels.

Welcome to Hall 2, a new and stylish photoshoot space for rent in Dnipro. This 45 m² space offers a unique blend of textures and elements, making it ideal for various creative projects. The room is equipped with a designer chair, a comfortable sofa, and large windows that flood the space with natural light from morning until evening. The space can accommodate up to 6 visitors, making it perfect for small group shoots.

Located within the Emotion photo studio, Hall 2 provides all the necessary amenities, including air conditioning, a steamer, a heater, Wi-Fi, a portable speaker, and a rail on wheels. The studio’s prime location on Korolenka Street ensures easy access and convenience for all your photoshoot needs.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just starting, this photoshoot space in Dnipro will meet your requirements. The stylish design and natural light create an inspiring environment for capturing stunning images. Book Hall 2 today and take your photoshoots to the next level.

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Big windows

Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€15,00/hour
Weekends and holidays€18,00/hour


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