from €85,00/hour

Photoshoot Space: Hall No. 2

Photo Studio: Photo Studio No. 1

Location: Elektrozavodskaya Street, 21, Moscow, Russia

Versatile photoshoot space in Moscow featuring a cozy fireplace, comfortable bed, fully equipped kitchen, and professional cyclorama. Ideal for diverse photography needs.

Welcome to Hall No. 2, a premium photoshoot space for rent in Moscow, designed to cater to a variety of photography needs. This versatile space features a cozy fireplace, a comfortable bed setup, a fully equipped kitchen, and a professional cyclorama. The room is adorned with large windows that allow natural light to flood in, enhancing the ambience and providing excellent lighting conditions for your photoshoots.

The space includes a stylish armchair, adding a touch of elegance, and various interior settings that mimic the feel of a bedroom or boudoir, perfect for intimate and lifestyle shoots. The imitation apartment setup makes it an ideal location for capturing homely and relatable scenes.

Located in Photo Studio No. 1 on Elektrozavodskaya Street, this photoshoot space in Moscow offers a unique blend of modern and classic interiors, ensuring a dynamic and engaging backdrop for your projects. The studio’s strategic location in Moscow makes it easily accessible, providing convenience for photographers and clients alike.

Whether you’re looking to capture cozy indoor scenes or need a professional setup for high-quality shots, Hall No. 2 is the perfect photoshoot space for rent. Book now to elevate your photography experience in one of Moscow’s finest photo studios.

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Big windows

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Imitation apartment

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Photoshoot space rent price€85,00/hour


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