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Location: Polova Street, 21, Kyiv, Ukraine
From: €25,00 / hour

LightField is the premier photo studio in Kyiv, offering versatile spaces and professional equipment for all your photoshoot needs.

From:€25,00/ hour
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The largest photo studio and creative space for events next to the KPI campus. We have gathered experienced professionals and reliable equipment to create the best conditions for photographers and bring any ideas to life. Four large-scale cycloramas, pavilions with interiors and studios for subject photography. A large hall for conferences, lectures and trainings, which is easily transformed.

Studios are rented only after the signing of the lease agreement.
You need to work and enter the studio areas in replaceable shoes or shoe covers. You can ask for shoe covers from the receptionist.
Upon receipt of equipment or props for use, in the presence of the administrator, make sure that it is in good working order and integrity. If you find a malfunction or damage to the equipment, immediately notify the studio administrator.
In the event of a breakdown of studio equipment, decorations or accessories that occurred through your fault, you are obliged to indemnify for losses in the amount and amount established by the studio administration.
For your convenience and to avoid damage to the background, changing the paper background is carried out only by the studio administrator.

At the end of shooting, the administrator checks the serviceability of the equipment, its integrity and operability.
Shooting with drums, including electronic musical instruments, is allowed only when renting all studio pavilions.

LightField is the ideal photo studio for rent in Kyiv, offering unparalleled photoshoot services with a variety of settings and backdrops to suit any project. Our studio spaces are designed to cater to all types of photography, from commercial shoots to personal projects. The well-lit, spacious environment ensures that you have ample room to bring your creative visions to life.

We pride ourselves on maintaining top-notch equipment and facilities, ensuring that every photoshoot is a success. Our dedicated staff is always on hand to assist with setup and technical support, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient experience. The studio’s central location makes it easily accessible, with ample parking available for your convenience.

In addition to our state-of-the-art photography equipment, we offer customizable lighting options and a variety of props to enhance your shoots. Whether you’re looking to capture fashion, portraits, products, or events, our photo studio in Kyiv provides the perfect backdrop for your needs. Book a space today and discover why LightField is the top choice for photographers in Kyiv.

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Square: 2500m2, Walls: 6m, Visitors: 1000

Discover our versatile photoshoot space in Kyiv. Perfect for creating any setting, our studio offers flexibility and professional facilities.
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from  €25,00 / hour
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