Photo Studio: Fotosintez

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Location: 260. Street, Mahmutlar, Alanya, Antalya, Turkey
From: €15,00 / hour

Fotosintez offers a versatile photo studio in Alanya with various interiors and customizable backgrounds, perfect for all your photoshoot needs.

From:€15,00/ hour
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About this photo studio

The photo studio has many different accessories that can be moved around the photo studio and used in all locations. Available in solid white, gray and black backgrounds.
It is possible to set a different background color. There are different light options such as flash, softbox, color filters, ring light, white or yellow light, device mounts, crane tripod. Very beautiful and cozy locations, such as Scandi, romantic, kitchen, chair with mirror, plain backgrounds. There is also a video zone.

Fotosintez is the ultimate destination for photoshoot services, offering a photo studio for rent in Alanya that caters to a wide range of creative needs. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the thoughtfully designed spaces, complete with movable accessories to help you create the perfect shot. The studio features a variety of solid backgrounds in white, gray, and black, and provides the option to set different background colors to match your theme.

Lighting is a critical aspect of any photoshoot, and Fotosintez doesn’t disappoint. The studio offers an array of lighting options, including flash, softbox, color filters, ring light, and adjustable white or yellow light. These options ensure that you can achieve the exact lighting effect you desire. Additionally, the studio is equipped with various device mounts and crane tripods to support your equipment, making it easier to capture those flawless shots.

The studio’s ambiance is enhanced by its beautiful and cozy locations, such as Scandi-style setups, romantic settings, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a stylish chair with mirror arrangement. Each space has been carefully curated to provide a unique backdrop for your photoshoots. For videographers, there is also a dedicated video zone, making Fotosintez an all-in-one solution for both photography and video production.

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Photoshoot Spaces

Photoshoot Space

Video Zone

Discover a dedicated photoshoot space for video shooting in Alanya. Ideal for content creators seeking a professional setup in a modern environment.
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from  €15,00 / hour
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Photoshoot Space

Photo Studio

This photoshoot space in Alanya offers a variety of photo zones with romantic interiors, big windows, and a cozy sofa. Perfect for capturing light and neutral tones.
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from  €25,00 / hour
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