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Location: 5 Mpaloglou, Thessaloniki 546 29, Greece
From: €20,00 / hour

Modern photo studio in Thessaloniki offering versatile spaces with contemporary interiors, varied backgrounds, and professional lighting.

From:€20,00/ hour
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Spacious studio apartment suitable for realizing any of your ideas

Located in the heart of Thessaloniki, our photo studio for rent is designed to cater to all your creative needs. This well-equipped studio boasts contemporary interiors that provide a stylish backdrop for any photoshoot. With a variety of backgrounds available, from elegant floral patterns to striking black-and-white checkered designs, our studio ensures a unique setting for every project. The professional lighting setup is perfect for capturing high-quality images, whether you’re working on portraits, fashion shoots, or product photography. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the studio is also highly functional, featuring a comfortable lounge area and a fully equipped kitchenette, making it ideal for longer sessions. Enjoy the convenience of our on-site toilet facilities, ensuring a comfortable and uninterrupted photoshoot experience. Choose our photoshoot services to bring your creative visions to life in a professional and inspiring environment.

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Square: 80m2

Spacious photoshoot space in Thessaloniki, featuring contemporary interiors, a variety of backgrounds, and professional lighting.
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from  €20,00 / hour
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