Photo Studio: Burkia

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Location: Ahmediye, Halk Street No 5/3, Uskudar/Istanbul, Turkey
From: €45,00 / hour

Discover Burkia, a premier photo studio in Istanbul offering versatile photoshoot services and rental options. Book now for your next portrait or product shoot.

From:€45,00/ hour
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This photo studio is located in Istanbul, specializes mainly in portrait photography, but it is also possible to order not only portrait photography, but also such shooting as a family photo session, street photo session, photography of your product, or there is the possibility of renting a studio (without equipment).

Since opening its doors in 2011, Burkia has become a renowned choice for photographers seeking a professional photo studio in Istanbul. Our studio is equipped to handle various types of photography, ensuring each session meets the highest standards of quality. Whether you’re looking to capture timeless family portraits, dynamic street scenes, or detailed product images, our studio offers tailored photoshoot services to meet your needs. The space is designed to provide a comfortable and flexible environment for both photographers and clients alike. With its convenient location in Uskudar and essential amenities such as a toilet, Burkia ensures a seamless and productive photoshoot experience for all. Explore our diverse range of services and book your session today to take advantage of one of the best photo studios for rent in Istanbul.

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Discover a premium photoshoot space in Istanbul, ideal for portrait photography. Perfect for capturing stunning images in a dark, atmospheric setting.
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from  €45,00 / hour
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