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Location: NPZ Iskar, Nedelcho Bonchev St 1v, 1505, Sofia, Bulgaria
From: €26,00 / hour

Avenix Studio offers a versatile photo studio in Sofia for all photographers. Ideal for any creative project, from fashion to music videos.

From:€26,00/ hour
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Photo studio for rent Avenix Studio is open to any professional and amateur photographer. With us you can realize your student projects, fashion catalogs or even music videos.

Located at NPZ Iskar, Nedelcho Bonchev St 1v, 1505, Sofia, Bulgaria, Avenix Studio offers comprehensive photoshoot services in a spacious and well-equipped environment. This photo studio in Sofia is designed to cater to the unique needs of photographers, providing an adaptable space that enhances creativity and productivity.

The studio features large windows that allow for abundant natural light, controlled by blackout curtains for precision lighting adjustments. The minimalist and modern interior provides a blank canvas, enabling you to customize the space according to your project requirements. Avenix Studio is equipped with essential lighting and backdrop setups, ensuring you have all the tools necessary for a successful shoot.

Whether you are working on a professional fashion shoot, a creative student project, or a music video, our studio offers the flexibility and resources you need. The ample parking facilities add to the convenience, making Avenix Studio a top choice for your photoshoot services. Discover the perfect photo studio for rent in Sofia and bring your creative visions to life at Avenix Studio.

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Square: 170m2

Discover a cozy and functional photoshoot space in Sofia, perfect for both professional and amateur photographers. Ideal for diverse photography projects.
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from  €26,00 / hour
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