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Αμεινοκλέους 18, Athens, Greece
From: €100,00 / hour
From:€100,00/ hour
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About this photo studio

New World Studios is an independent photo studio and creative workspace located one block from the metro station in Neos Kosmos right in the center of Athens.

It’s an adaptable space that pushes the boundaries of a traditional studio, providing an unconstrained setting for photographers and artists to explore and execute their creative vision. Dedicated to photo and video production, our unique space offers three stages, from a natural daylight studio all the way to a modern industrial setting. The relaxed environment, paired with the highest-standards of functionality, caters to virtually any type of shoot. This versatile space is available for photo and video shoots, press/PR events, art installations and is an ideal venue for any artistic vision.

We continually strive to make our studios the best environment for photographers and content creators alike to work in; taking pride in having created a full-service in-house approach from brand and concept development through to equipment, set-build and post production. 


Our studio is somewhere that clients are totally free to focus on nothing but creating great work. All professional PROFOTO equipment is included in the cost of photo studio rental. If you would like to know more about working with us or our facilities please get in touch.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi



Square: 155m2, Room wall: 7m

The "Basement" of The New World Studios
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from  €100,00 / hour
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Main Stage

Square: 155m2, Room wall: 7m

The Main Stage of The New World Studios
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from  €100,00 / hour
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(+30) 2109238635

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