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Shevchenka Street, 59, Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine
From: €13,00 / hour
From:€13,00/ hour
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About this photo studio

Individual photography

Studio rental and all decorations are included in the price.
Makeup and hair styling can be ordered separately; the specialists will prepare you for the shoot in an average of 1-1.5 hours.
The price for make-up and styling is 1200 UAH.
Check with our admins on how to prepare for a photo shoot.


Зал 2

Square: 90m2, Room wall: 4m

We know what you need for successful and comfortable filming!
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from  €13,00 / hour
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Зал 1

Square: 85m2, Room wall: 0m

Spacious hall for the most daring ideas.
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from  €13,00 / hour
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+38 (068) 18 44 500

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