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улица Узумзор д.4, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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About this photo studio

Interior photo studio “LoftRoomStudio” is a space where pulsed and natural light are perfectly combined. We offer high-tech studios with unique interiors where every detail is emphasized by the harmony of light. Professional photographers choose us for our flexibility, functionality and ability to create works of art with unique lighting accents. Trust us with your idea and we will give it the light that will make it shine.


The variety of our rooms gives you a wide range of choices for your photo shoot:

The Subject Room with Mini Cyclorama:
Bring your creative ideas to life in this unique space where every element, from accessories and flags to subject tables and backgrounds, becomes part of your art.

CYCLORAMA Brick and White Room:
The perfect location for filming with an enclosed white cyclorama and brick wall. A spacious area of 70m² including an 8 meter high wall provides ideal conditions for creativity and a separate dressing room is provided.

This corner cyclorama room has an area of 62m², includes a separate dressing room and a huge panoramic Loft window. The actual area of the cyclorama is 28m² with a width of 6.2 meters, depth of 4.5 meters and ceiling height of 3.2 meters.

With this room, filled with an atmosphere of New Year’s coziness, you get a 28sqm cyclorama with a width of 5.9 meters, a depth of 4.7 meters and a ceiling height of 3.2 meters. Additional interchangeable backdrops and 3 light sources provide variety for your shoots.

This New Year’s Eve WHITE LOFT in delicate and pastel colors will be the perfect place for family promotional shoots and your projects

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