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530 East 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014, USA
From: $42,40 / hour
From:$42,40/ hour
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Photography studio for rent in
Los Angeles
Affordable photography studio for rent with included equipment, unique decors, different studio in Los Angeles and easy booking process for all your photo & video projects starting from $29.99/hr
This stunning photo studio for rent at our Los Angeles campus features spacious windows to capture as much natural daylight as possible in an open and customizable space. The minimalist interior puts your art in the spotlight with bold, bright lighting echoed by the plain white masonry and the concrete floor. Our renting schedule gives you flexibility in choosing the daylight available – crisp morning light all the way to mellow evening tones.. 
No need to block out unnecessarily long periods of time. The overall feel of Studio A is open and inviting. The big windows really open up the possibilities for incorporating natural light into your projects, although a wide range of lighting equipment is available.
All of our rentals come with standard included equipment and services, such as makeup stations, a mini-fridge, a range of paper backdrops, and complimentary Wi-Fi. This photo studio for rent gives you an opportunity to find out exactly what your subject can project without distractions or unnecessary equipment. Rent Studio A today and let your subject’s natural beauty shine through.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi



Square: 34m2, Room wall: 4m

The studio is more than 34 feet long and divided into a wooden floor zone and a brilliant white floor zone, all lit with plenty of natural daylight.
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from  $42,40 / hour
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+1 (323) 454-2323

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