The 18 Studio

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De Giessen 19, 8253 PR Dronten, Netherlands
From: €112,00 / hour
From:€112,00/ hour
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About this photo studio

The 18 Studio is an all-round daylight studio in Dronten with two unique spaces called Studio Flow and Studio Oasis. Both studios have an area of ​​100m2 and have been carefully furnished to offer you the ideal environment for creating beautiful images. Whether you have a photo shoot, video production or other creative projects, at The 18 Studio you will find the perfect settings to bring your vision to life. Our two versatile studios, Studio Oasis and Studio Flow, are located in the same building, one below the other and ready to be booked at the same time for your shoots.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi


Studio Oasis

Square: 100m2, Room wall: 2m

Step inside Studio Oasis, an oasis of peace and wellness.
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from  €112,00 / hour
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Studio Flow

Square: 100m2, Room wall: 3m

Space dedicated to organic shapes and magical daylight.
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from  €112,00 / hour
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+31 6 28 69 91 90

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