from €110,00/hour


Photo Studio: Working Proof Studio

Natural light photo studio with two rooms

We are Toronto’s longest-operating, fully-equipped photography studio rental service. Every rental includes:

  • natural light photo studio with two rooms

  • professional grade studio lighting

  • optional hired grip/assistant

We also ahve a private washroom/change room inside of our unit.

You get access to our makeup & styling station, wash & change room, kitchenette & free cafe, as well as our backdrops, lights, stands, modifiers, furniture, swivelling tether screen, as well as our all-white room and our cute mood lights.

Yes, that’s a tall list of stuff, but it’s all included with the price of every rental. The only extra charges are for backdrops, which we bill at $8/foot which touches the floor.

Price for photo studio rent€110,00/hour