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Photo Studio: Masterskaya Space

The room is ideal for advertising and portrait shoots.

INTERIOR – the idea of the interior hall was inspired by the history of the house where our studio is located. We took as a basis the architectural and design features of the room (mouldings, shape of windows, doors, antique parquet), which we carefully restored and emphasised with the help of bright decor elements. The room has trendy furniture, a frameless sofa, handmade natural wood cubes, a screen, floor lamps and sconces with adjustable light temperature, and a disco ball on the ceiling.

The room is ideal for advertising and portrait shoots, for recording podcasts, interviews, live broadcasts, recording training courses, and for anyone who prefers a neat and concise interior in their shoots.

What else is included?

  • 3 pulsed light sources or 2 permanent led light sources;
  • Initial light consultation;
  • Use of any dimming nozzles;
  • Setting or changing the background an unlimited number of times;
  • Make-up area;
  • Wind blower;
  • Steamer;
  • Clothes rail;
  • Bluetooth speaker
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Bright colors

Imitation apartment
Price for photo studio rent€21,00/hour