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Photo Studio: F studio

Studio featuring a harmonious blend of themed festive decor and a pristine white cyclorama, equipped with studio flashlights.

Embark on a photographic journey in our studio, available at an enticing rate of 20€/h! Immerse yourself in a world of creativity with themed festive decor and a pristine white cyclorama, boasting dimensions of 3.50m width and a generous ceiling height of 3.30m, with the flexibility to retreat up to 6.00m. Our studio is equipped with top-tier features, including studio flashlights, LED video lights, and an interchangeable paper backdrop system. Enhance your vision with tools like octaboxes, softboxes, “light guns,” and more, all set in a spacious 56m² area conveniently located on the ground floor. From the practicality of a make-up area to the atmospheric touch of a smoke machine, our studio is your canvas for creative excellence.

Air Conditioning
Fabric backgrounds

Bright colors

Without interiors
Price for photo studio rent€20,00/hour