from €15,00/hour

Зал 1

Photo Studio: Emotion

The hall is ideal for filming content, wedding photography, family and children's filming, advertising photography, recording interviews, and intimate celebrati

The photo studio is open seven days a week.

Dressing room, Wi-fi, air conditioning, heater, steamer, rail for clothes, full-length mirror, portable speaker.

Natural light – there are 10 large windows along the entire hall. It is light in the studio from morning until sunset – the windows face the sunny side. All windows have diffuser curtains that create soft light, and thick curtains that create twilight.

Paper backgrounds: black, white, blue, beige, pink, turquoise (hanged on gates).

Fabric backgrounds: pale blue, beige, milky, brown, natural linen, pale pink (attached to the gate).

Equipment is included in the rental price: pulsed and constant light.

Big windows
Fabric backgrounds

Price for photo studio rent€15,00/hour
Weekends and holidays€18,00/hour